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Mentorship Training

Course Title: Effective Supervision and Mentorship for University Lecturers and Research Supervisors

Target: Researchers in universities, national research centers, CGIAR Centers, regional research agencies, government ministries, NGOs

Mode of Delivery: Online

Dates: 2nd to 3rd May, 2023

Duration: Two hours per day for three days

Fees: USD 100

Course Content

I. Introduction

  • Importance of effective supervision and mentorship in the academic and research setting
  • Overview of the training module and its objectives

II. Understanding Supervision and Mentorship

  • Definition and key principles of supervision and mentorship
  • Differentiating between supervision and mentorship
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and mentors in the academic context
  • Identifying the benefits of effective supervision and mentorship for university lecturers and research supervisors

III. Building Effective Supervision Skills

  • Developing effective communication skills for supervisors and mentors
  • Understanding different supervisory styles and approaches
  • Setting clear expectations and goals for supervisory relationships
  • Providing constructive feedback and addressing challenges in supervision
  • Managing time, workload, and resources in the supervisory role

IV. Mentoring for Professional Growth

  • Understanding the role of mentors in supporting the professional development of university lecturers and research supervisors
  • Identifying strategies for building effective mentor-mentee relationships
  • Providing guidance and support for career advancement, research skills, and publication
  • Facilitating reflection and self-assessment for continuous improvement in research supervision

V. Creating a Supportive Supervisory and Mentoring Environment

  • Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for supervision and mentorship
  • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in supervisory and mentoring relationships
  • Managing power dynamics and addressing conflicts in supervision and mentorship
  • Ensuring confidentiality and ethical considerations in supervisory and mentoring practices
  • Establishing effective communication channels and feedback mechanisms for ongoing support and improvement

VI. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supervision and Mentorship

  • Assessing the impact of supervision and mentorship on the professional development of university lecturers and research supervisors
  • Collecting feedback from supervisors, mentors, and mentees to improve supervisory and mentoring practices
  • Identifying strategies for ongoing evaluation and improvement of supervision and mentorship programs
  • Incorporating feedback and implementing changes for continuous improvement

VII. Conclusion

  • Recap of key concepts and strategies for effective supervision and mentorship in the academic setting
  • Action planning for implementing effective supervision and mentorship practices in the university and research supervision context

NB: A certificate of attendance will be awarded to course participants

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